Exploring dereliction and regeneration.

Inspired by the rusty substructure of the pier at Hastings.  The pier has an almost century long history of damage.  World war bombs, storms, fire and the elements have all inflicted their worst.  At times, the issue of whether it should be renovated was the subject of debate.

The pieces in the collection show elements of destruction and repair, having been subjected to my own violent acts, as I took to them with  my hands as well as various implements to dent, tear, slice and warp.  Should what has been damaged be repaired.  Is there beauty in degradation?

The repairs are clumsy and obvious.  The slurry, the slip soaked fabrics which patch, the metal bolts and pins distorted by the high temperature of the kiln - all enhance each piece.  I am the architect, maker, destroyer and regenerator of each one.

Photographs by Valerie Bernardini

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